I Am Alive

by The Redemption Song!



released February 24, 2015



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Track Name: I Was Young Twice
I Was Young Twice
I think back to when I walked away.
And now will never be the same.

When I close my eyes I see your face.
And the years have taken all from me.
A withered body lying cold,
But I will burn again, and
There’s more here in death than is in life
But I had to say goodbye
I didn’t want to leave you all behind
Your care was never fully mine
A full life is never fully lived
Until its fully known
is all that is left in place of me,
and yet I speak.
They say that time heals all wounds
But they don’t know how deep this cut runs
As we strike our matches to this life
and burn down all we own
They say that time heals all wounds
Burn down all you own

The next big thing was just a lie
We’re promised so much more
We cut our throats with our own tongues
And waste time on our bones

And even as the breath was leaving me
I began to see
It was never about being right, it was always about being clear.
Now stop and think about your life, will you be standing here?
I told you that I was young twice, how do you think I got that way?
It’s only by Jesus Christ and all He’s done for me.